Sharp and Samsung's Flagship LCDs Face Off

IMG_1316.jpg If you're in the market for an LCD, you'd probably have to investigate Sharp 92 series and Samsung's 65F series, their top tier LCDs at the moment. I've been playing with both, and they're both pretty well equipped with 1080p displays, 3 HDMI ports, 15000:1 contrast ratios, 120Hz tech, and more than enough brightness. Picture quality is a trade off: The Sharp has a more dramatic picture, with a deeper black level and richer colors off the bat. The Sammy has a more natural picture, in terms of contrast, even if it looks washy at times. Adjustments bring them on par with each other. There are some differences, however. The Samsung has: •Better visual adjustments, including individual color tweaks and gamma. •USB ports for photo and music playback. •Sidemounted HDMI and Composite ports. •Better bass from the built in speakers •A really shitty glossy screen that kicks up ridiculous amounts of glare •A more uniform backlighting (the Sharp is blotchy) •Much better grey detail, even if at the cost of looking a little washy •Somehow it attracts a ton of dust.

The Sharp has: •Deeper blacks •120Hz tech (which didn't do much here) •Better treble, but terrible bass •DVI input (the Sammy has a VGA) •A blotchy background. •A better quality case. When CNet faced these two off they came away more impressed with the Samsung. I'm going to call it a draw, and then the details above will have to serve you in deciding which is more important.

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