Sens Time By Touch Clock For The Blind Is Sexy And Round

Post2%3A5Sens.jpgSwatch develops some awesome concepts and this is no exception. Designed by Arnaud Lapierre, it is a high fashion clock for the blind called Sens Time by Touch. Though there are many solutions for time keeping for the visually impaired, this concept goes a long way to push for style and functionality.The clock has a Braille twelve-hour marker on its outermost surface and this serves as the main calibration point for time keeping. The device consists in total of three concentric circles; the two closest to the exterior are ceramic and the furthest inset is clear plastic. The time is revealed by the distance the twelve-hour marker is from the second ceramic ring, the plastic ring is used to set the alarm using the same principal.

We love the fact that the design is elegant and not butt ugly—like most time keeping gadgets for the blind tend to be. In fact, we like the presentation of it so much we would love to have one of these up on our desk, because if there is anything we love more than warm, sweet, syrup filled macaroons, it's enigmatic, ceramic timepieces. [ShinyShiny pictures via Yanko Design]

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