Self-Cooling Seat Cushion, Cure for the Hot Butt

coolseat_cushion.jpgYou're probably sitting in a seat right now that's getting unbearably hot, struggling with the hot butt phenomenon and wishing you had a Self-Cooling Seat Cushion like this one. It does its cooling passively without any power requirements like that cool-or-heat temperature controlled seat we showed you last year. Although this one sounds like some sort of fanny fatigue-relieving miracle, its makers claim its secret has a scientific basis, using unnamed natural mineral crystals inside with a melting point that "produces a slow, soothing cooling."

The promise of never sitting in a hot seat again is awfully tempting, but we have our doubts about this cushion, wondering how a passive cooling system like this can actually keep cooling your ass all day. Indeed, on the website it says you should stop using this cushion before all the minerals are in a melted state. It doesn't mention how long it takes for those minerals to melt.

We've sat on gel seat cushions that feel cool for just a little while until the butt warms them up. For $49.95, let's hope this miracle chemical inside performs better than a water bottle full ice cubes. [FirstStreet, via Ubergizmo]

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