Seeing Sounds Fun With Shady Beats Cases

Untitled-1.jpgYou have a problem; you have a bitchin' pair of shades, but you want to be able to simultaneously protect them whilst pumping out tunes to the World. Shady Beats has the solution; a case for your shades with integrated speakers.

Untitled-3.jpgThe hefty looking glasses cases do not stop their multi-puprose lives there, however. They will also cradle you iPod softly to sleep, too—all the while you can run around like a loony and get muddy and do whatever it is you crazy kids do nowadays. The speaker technology has something to boast about; patented NXT flat panel speakers will apparently dose out 8W of decent sound. That is what the blurb says anyway, we are guessing they still sound like a singing ant that has OD on helium, who just lost his right testicle due to an erroneous vasectomy. Nevertheless, add to that a water resistant shell and a nice smooth inner lining to keep your goodies scratch free and you almost have us sold. What is that? They come with pretty designs too? You could not have us part with our $50.41 any quicker. Actually, that is a little steep considering our shades only cost us $12. Hell, since when have we been the voice of reason? [Product Page via Gadget Candy] .

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