Scientists Consider Mining Delicious Helium-3 on Moon For Fusion Power on Earth

moon_mining.jpgAfter sucking our planet dry of any useful resources, we turn our eyes upward to the skies and search for another beautiful planet to rape. Scientists are hoping to mine helium-3 (He3) gas from the lunar surface — a gas that's rare here on Earth but is like a veritable Starbucks on the Moon. The gas is considered to be perfect for radiation-free nuclear fusion but, say other, smarter scientists, is probably completely ridiculous to start mining anytime soon.

Our current experience with the experimental He3 reactor here on Earth requires 1 kilowatt of power to generate 1 milliwatt of electricity. Which, if anyone is counting, is not at all worth it. So, aside from it taking a few decades before we figure out how exactly to use He3, and then taking a few more decades to actually build an He3 mining facility on the moon, and then having us, the Human Race, survive that long — well, chances are slim, is what we're saying. Still, science is cool, huh? [Treehugger via SciFi]

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