Save Rare Films by Donating to Have Them Uploaded to the Internet Archive

donate.jpgUploading movies to the internet doesn't always have to cause "injury that cannot be compensated or measured in money." By donating to the Academic Film Archive of North America's "Save a Film" initiative, you'll be spotting them tax-deductible support for the uploading of a rare film from their over 6000-title 16mm film archive for free-as-in-beer public viewing at the Internet Archive. You'll also get a DVD copy of the movie you chose to sponsor.It's not as cheap as throwing some quarters into a Salvation Army bucket—digitizing 10 minutes of film costs $110, up to 45 minutes runs $244—but supporting and preserving the arts is always a worthwhile cause. Besides, it shows the MPAA that internet+film doesn't always = piracy. [Save a Film via Boing Boing]

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