Samsung YP-S5 and YP-T10 Work Double as Cellphone Bluetooth Headsets

YP-family.jpgSamsung's putting itself back in the game with these YP-S5 and YP-T10 digital audio players. Joining the other DAP official at IFA, that YP-P2. Like the P2, these two have Bluetooth for we'd assume audio streaming purposes...and according to that image above, at least the S5 can work as a Bluetooth dialpad and headset mixer for your cellphone. Cool. The S5 has a speaker, making it seem like a natural follow up to the YP-K5 we'd looked at almost a year ago exactly. The YP-T10 is what I'd call one of those iPod Nano killer types, with the obvious digital audio, but check it out: MPEG 4/WMV video support, a voice recorder, and 30 hours of battery life. No word on pricing, or capacity, or even if these things are headed for the US, but DAPs of this caliber usually go wooooooooorld wiiiiiiiiiiiide. (echo, echo, echo.) [PocketLint]

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