Samsung LCD Monitors Support Standalone Skype, VoIP

samsung-syncmaster-225uw_large.jpgUnlike other monitors that only have a webcam or a mic built in, this 22-inch SyncMaster 220TN Samsung monitor has a network module, webcam, microphone and speakers so that you can have a Skype or Microsoft Live Messenger conversation without a PC. Which means that as long as you have power and an Ethernet connection, you can make Skype conversations even on the toilet.

Besides the VoIPing features, it supports 1680x1050 resolution, has a four-port USB hub, and runs WindowsXP embedded (to handle the calls). Its lesser brother, the 225UW, has most the same specs, but only a 2-port USB hub and lacks the PC-less calling features. Of course, these are both only 22-inchers, which are fine for regular work, but I've been in the market for a 30-inch cooter-the-size-of-Kansas monitor. I want to actually be able to see the two-month-old fetus inside. [Samsung via AVING via UberGizmo]

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