Samsung Claims 100% Meeting Customer Demand, Despite Claims to the Contrary

flashflash.jpgSamsung stated that they were going to fully meet customer demand for NAND flash memory on August 7, but Taiwanese manufacturer PQI and often-innacurate Digitimes are poo-pooing on that for some reason. PQI claims that prices will go up and they will benefit from it, even while Samsung mostly works in long-term contracts with big clients like Apple and PQI market share is tiny.Samsung dominates the market with a 45.9% share according to August 2007 figures, followed by Toshiba (27.5%), Hynix (14.6%), IM Flash (7.7%), Micron, Intel, STMicro, Renesas and Qimonda. PQI is nowhere to be found in that top.

Korean Samsung's manufacturing lines got hit by a power outage at the very beginning of August, but they quickly resumed operations and admitted $43 million losses back then. Still, they said they were on target to fully meet customer demand and projected sales estimates.

Why are Taiwan-based Digitimes and PQI saying this now? Could this be just FUD? Or maybe Samsung is not telling the whole story? It sure smells artificial to us, but whatever it is, you can be sure that the competition for the top, long-term order contracts and cheaper manufacturing processes will keep driving prices further down in the long run. Taipei Times and TG Daily and Digitimes]

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