Samsung Beats Motorola for #2 Mobile Ranking

samsung-motorola.jpgFor the first time ever, Samsung has kicked Motorola out of the second position in the worldwide cellphone manufacturers ranking. Dropping its market share from 22.1% to 13%, this ends four years of Motorola being #2 behind Nokia. Comparing their handsets, the only thing that surprises us is that they didn't overtake them at least a year ago. How was it for the rest, including Apple?On a total of 272.7 million cellphones shipped worldwide during the second quarter ending June 30 2007, the breakdown goes as follows:

• Nokia: 37% (33.4% Q2 2006) • Samsung: 13.7% (10.7% Q2 2006) • Motorola: 13% (22.1% Q2 2006) • Sony Ericsson: 9.1% (6.7% Q2 2006) • LG: 7% (6.4% Q2 2006)

Apple scored a 0.1% in the last weekend of Q2, so apparently everyone went up except Motorola. [Techlogg - Thanks Techluvver]

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