Samsung Applies for Self-Cradling Pphone Patent

samsung-self-cradling-phone.jpgHere's a clever idea that Samsung submitted to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: a cellphone that holds itself up with a convenient self-contained stand attached to its back. Sure, there are lots of cases that do this sort of thing, but this one folds into the phone in a unique way, using a part that's already there for another reason.

It uses the battery as the stand, connecting it into a swivel mount that lets you prop that phone up at a convenient viewing angle. This could be a great substitute for when you're watching a movie on that tiny cellphone screen while fighting boredom on a long airplane flight. Sure beats using that airline cup to hold up the phone.

Nice idea. We don't much care for hiding our pretty electronic geegaws inside a case, anyway. Let's see it on the upcoming iPod nano, too. [Unwired View]

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