Roboboa: pet snake robot with too many features

roboboa.jpg I've had minutes of fun with Robosapien. Yes, minutes! This latest creation from WowWee actually looks like it could find a place in my home. The Roboboa is a cool robotic snake with umpteen features thrown in (well, 41 is the official count). My favourite is its tracking mode - sometimes it will decide to just lock onto someone in the room and watch them wherever they go. How wonderfully freakish!When you're not using it as a pet snakebot, you can use it as a reading light. It'll also do some guard duty, though it doesn't seem to have any capacity to actually call the cops should it spot a problem. Whatever. Looks like fun to me.

WowWee says you will find it in Target, Toys R Us, and Toy World from September. No local pricing available just yet.

Roboboa [WowWee]

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