Renovatio Motorbike Makes Me Drool as Much as a Wraith or Hellcat

Picture%201.pngThe Renovatio is yet another amazing bike/art masterpiece/mechanical wonder from the engineering wizards at Confederate. Like their Wraiths and Hellcats, this handmade steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon beast looks straight from a Katsuhiro Otomo movie —but even more badass and with a heart to match: a V-twin 1686cc water-cooled engine at a 90º angle. Can't believe it will be real one day? Then check the video of their other bikes and the Renovatio's stunning specs after the jump.

Dimensions: Weight: 340lbs.; Wheelbase 60"; Seat Height 30"; 27 degree rake.

Engine: 103 cubic inch Confederate Water cooled 90 degree utilitarian modular platform 150 HP normally aspirated - 190 HP optional supercharger

Transmission: Confederate design; six speed, close ratio.

Primary: Internal gear driven

Front End: Girder-type aircraft aluminum and titanium multi-link with shock centered on steering axis; Carbon fiber struts.

Swingarm: Single sided aluminum cast piece.

Suspension: Rear-Penske coil over shock with remote reservoir multi adjustable; Front-Penske coil in shock, multi adjustable.

Lighting: Forward LED headlight and blinker system; integrated into girder.

Fuel Cell: Confederate design, one piece composite fiber cell; Fuel Capacity 4.5 gallons with integrated air box.

Gauge: Single integrated tachometer and speedometer.

Wheels: Blackstone structural carbon fiber.

Identification: Engine & Neck contain ID numbers

Preliminary Engine Specifications:

Type: V-twin

Displacement: 1686 cc (103 cu. in.)

V-angle: 90 degrees

Compression ratio: 11.0:1

Valve configuration: Over head valves, 2 per cylinder

Valve lifters: Hydraulic roller

Bore x stroke: 108 x 92mm (4.252 x 3.622 in.)

Fuel system: Sequential fuel injection

Fuel Type: Premium unleaded

Horsepower: 135 hp (SAE Certified)

Torque: 125 lbs-ft (SAE Certified)

Fuel shut off: 7800 rpm

Block: 356-T6 Sand cast aluminum

Cylinder bores: Liner-less Nicom coated parent aluminum

Cylinder head: 356-T6 Sand cast aluminum

Intake manifold: Carbon runner, dual throttle body

Exhaust manifold: 321 Stainless steel headers

Crankshaft: Billet 4340 steel

Camshaft: Billet 8620 VAR steel

Connecting rods: Forged Powder Metal Titanium

Pistons: Forged 4032 Aluminum

Valves: Forged titanium

[Confederate via BornRich]

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