RC Mini 'n' Garage Combo the Hottest USB Thing in Yonks

rc-main1.jpgSee this remote-controlled Mini in Racing Green from Solid Alliance? You're probably not that impressed with it, are you? (I admit, the headlights are just shonky.) Well, you should see what it comes with: a garage that acts as a charger and connects to your computer's USB port. Find out how to control the car and watch the video after the jump.

[Solid Alliance via New Launches]

Park the Mini in the garage for just 10 minutes to charge it up. Then, you can make the car zoom all over your table, re-enacting scenes from the original version of The Italian Job, via the desktop application. rc-main2.jpgCosting $30, the RC Mini and USB Garage charger will be available at the beginning of next month.

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