Rainbow Pebble, Pocket Rainbow

stt0.jpgFor whenever you need a pick-me-up or just an easy pot of gold, the Rainbow Pebble illuminates a room with the magic of rainbow luminescence. By reflecting the pattern of light off a convex mirror, the clamshell form allows for precision adjustment of your rainbow, allowing it to stem from stinky shoes, a scary closet or your blessed hidden porn collection.

Despite already having four walls covered in unicorns and rainbows, Gizmodo Tower just can't get enough of this timeless classic of decor. And for $38, why should we have to? (Note: We made up the whole thing about rainbow decor. Everyone who reads the site should know we've covered HQ in GI Joes and homemade booby traps. The kind without the traps, if you know what we mean.) [Product via gizmodude]

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