Questodesign Watches; So Minimalist They Lack Time Function

finalthis10.jpg These funked out watches from Questodesign's Abacus series inflame our love for cryptic watches like no other. The watches consist of a minuscule ball bearing rolling about loose upon the bezel. When the snazzy timekeeper is made horizontal a magnet engages the ball bearing and directs it to the appropriate hour slot.

With all this style, Questodesign has forgotten to include a minute-indicating hand, but they do have; a stainless steel case, leather strap and either mineral, or sapphire glass faces. They are water resistant to a depth of 100 feet and range in price from $150 - $230.

AU: I haven't worn a watch in years thanks to mobile phones. Last I had was a fob. But this? Hellz yeah.

We love the watches; who cares if they do not tell the exact time? They would look so good on our blogging wrists, we could put up with the being perpetually late everywhere we go. To be fair, we do a pretty good job of that as it is. [Product Page via Technabob] .

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