Punish Bad Kids With The X-Game 360 And Powerstation 3

FVG1.jpgWhat do you get when you take awesome next generation consoles and mix them with a steaming pile of crap? The X-Game 360 and the Powerstation 3! These boxes were spotted in a store in Mexico, fortunately the prices where in pesos, so the $25 asking price may not have been to steep for the novelty value. For anyone laughing their way home after making the purchase, be warned; the boxes contain an 8-bit NES knock off.

The price would not be so bad if it was a genuine NES machine, well it would still be bad, but it would sting slightly less. Frankly, we are quite appalled by the dodgy nature of the counterfeiter's work. That aside, we want to get some, save them up for Christmas and give them to annoying kids the world over. Ah, the look on their little faces-priceless. [Geekologie] .

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