Portland's Solar-Powered, 22-Story Storage Facility

portland_city_storage_building_solar.jpgBoasting 175,000 square feet of integrated solar panels, this storage center on the banks of the Willamette in Portland will probably lay claim to being the most energy-efficient storage facility when construction is finished.portlandstorage.png

Built on just three acres of land, (most single-story storage facilities need 10 times that amount) Portland City Storage will be the largest solar facility in the Northwest. Excess power will be sold on to Portland General Electric, and there is a rainwater collection area on the roof.

There will also be a giant mechanical arm capable of lifting 40,000 pounds in order to further conserve the waterfront, which will be rehabilitated to make it more wild-life friendly. Cycle paths, walkways and boathouses will all make it more people friendly than your average storage warehouse. [Portland City Storage via MetaEfficient]

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