PodBrix to Release Young Woz and Jobs Playset Made of LEGO

woznjobs_big.jpgYou'd better hurry up and get in line, because the limited-edition Young Woz and Jobs Playset is going on sale in just two days. Tomy will be cranking out this little PodBrix set made out of modified LEGO, featuring the young Steve Jobs and his Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak working in Steve's parents' garage to create one of the first Apple computers. It looks like they're well on their way toward Appledom in this set, though, because that looks more like an Apple II than that primitive first PC created by the dynamic duo.And what's that in Woz's hand? Is it a bottle of booze? While he's quaffing the suds it looks like yet another idea is popping into the head of young Steve. You can choose to put that idea bubble over Woz's head while young Steve holds on to the beer bottle, too. It's your own little world, Apple fanboy.

Anyway, this little set will be limited to just 300 pieces, and we can't figure out if it's limited because there won't be more than 300 people who want one, or that PodBrix is trying to create scarcity to make this a collector's item. It's probably because Tomy creates each of these by hand. You decide: $39.99 takes it as soon as they're released on August 29th at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. [PodBrix]

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