PlayStation 3 DVR Functionality May Be TiVo Proper

pstivo.jpgAll that talk about the Sony PS3 possibly getting a digital tuner and DVR has just been taken up a notch with the recollection that Sony actually has a deal with TiVo. Signed back in 2001, the deal allows Sony to use TiVo software, which has been capitalized in standalone TiVos (SVR 2000 and 3000) and DirectTiVo Receivers, but there hasn't been any use in PlayStations.Couple this with the fact that Sony actually introduced DVR functionality for the PS2 in Japan with the PSX, and the gears start turning. Sony's definitely known for putting everything but great games into the PS3 so far, so why not a DVR? Would you get a PS3 if it also came with a TiVo? 60 or 80GB isn't enough to store many HD programs, but they can always release a newer PS3. [GameDaily via Kotaku]

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