Phillips BTM288 Stereo Looks Cool, Probably Feels Cool Too

btmphillips.jpg From the vaults of the FCC comes this a stylish looking desktop stereo from Phillips, titled the BTM288. Good looks are not its only appealing feature either, hit the jump for extracts from the submitted user manual and the juicy DL.

instructionsphillips.gif The music system will be launched with Bluetooth functionality, allowing pairing between any audio source that has Bluetooth goodness inside. Not only will it be able to pump out the tunes wirelessly, it will also be able to handle speaker phone functions too. Another tasty addition is the ability to rip tracks directly to a USB storage device from a connected Bluetooth gadget or from a CD. The obligatory capacity for AM/FM/CD and MP3 playback are all present, as would be expected.

This little fellow sure does pack quite a punch. Sure, there have been similar endeavors in the past, but this looks neat and discreet. There are a lot of features beneath the mirrored hood that could end up being very useful for getting your music about. I know my current setup is pretty shambolic; I use a wire to get tunes to my stereo! Anything that will look good, stream our music, take calls and rip tunes for us, has our attention. No word on price or release date, but watch this space. (Not literally...stop it now; you're freaking us out). [Technabob] .

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