Philippe Starck Rolls Out Wild-Looking Watches With Cantilevered Faces

starck_watches.jpgWe're always a sucker for designer Philippe Starck's latest creations, and here's a couple of watches he adds to his Fossil collection that have a strange cantilevered look we haven't seen before. Check out those hands, placed on that hanging face at an odd angle, making them look positively peculiar. Well, what would you expect from Philippe S+arck, a guy who takes out the "t" in his last name and replaces it with a plus sign?If you have really hairy arms, this see-through design might not look quite as clean as it does in these pictures, but maybe the chance to wear an object of such style and grace would be worth shaving off that gorilla hair, at least on your arm.

On the other hand (arm?), we hear these S+arck watches are more of the "just a pretty face" variety, because their innards are cheap as a dime store windup toy. But for some, appearances are everything. No pricing was announced, but Fossil says these models will show up on its website this fall. [Technabob]

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