Personal Protection Launcher Lets you Powder the Nose of your Attacker

72.jpgWith a range of 40 feet - that 25 feet more than a Taser - the Avurt IM-5 personal protection launcher will keep away anyone you don't want too close. It's simple to work: fire at the chest of a large, blonde man in a stadium, pull the trigger and the man will be too overcome by coughing to do anything to you. The flashlight-sized IM-5 can shoot up to five pellets containing PAVA powder. When you see the large blonde man in the stadium, unfold the weapon and, using the laser bead, take aim and Bam! you bagged yourself a large, coughing mammal.

The $300 protection gadget is not just aimed at women, either, because it comes in black, red and blue as well. So, guys, if you see a large blonde man sitting in your seat at the ball game, you know what to use. [Avurt via KWGN-TV]

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