Pantech 180, Thinner and Smaller than Helio Ocean, Coming Up on AT&T

pantech180.jpgLook at this Pantech C180 that Boy Genius Report just uncovered, branded AT&T and looking a whole lot like a smaller and thinner Helio Ocean. But this Pantech slider runs Windows Mobile 6 Standard, and just like the Ocean, it has that appealing dual-sliding arrangement, where a horizontal slide reveals a QWERTY keyboard and a vertical slide uncovers a number pad. Take the jump for a look at it in its horizontally-sliding form.pantech-c180-bgr.jpg This Pantech C180 accepts microSD cards, and is said to be running 3G, but it wasn't clear whether that was UMTS or UMTS/HSDPA. With a little luck we might be seeing the C180 on sale through AT&T by the end of September, but if not then, certainly by the fourth quarter of this year. We're hearing pricing will be $249.99 with a two-year agreement. [Boy Genius Report]

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