Panasonic's Pixi Phone Dock Automatically Sends Your Pictures to Mixi

panasonic_pixi_vertical.jpgWhen we're sending naked pictures of ourselves to people we've never met, we want the process to go as quick as possible. Industrial Facility and luckybite — two UK Design firms — know that, and have teamed up with Madori Kuroda, Panasonic Japan's Chief mobile device designer, to create a prototype phone dock called the Panasonic Pixi.

The Pixi, designed for the Mixi — Japan's MySpace equivalent — has six buttons that will use your phone's LCD screen, existing photos and internet connection to send your pictures directly to a diary, community, or pedophile on Mixi. There's no pricing or information about the gadget's release just yet — in fact, the only thing we can be sure about is that it's going to look like a toy you'd find in a cereal box in the 80's. [Technabob]

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