Panasonic's Nano Bass Exciter Boosts Bass, Excites Us

extrabass.jpgToday Panasonic brings new hope to people who think their portable and laptop speakers sound like crickets in a tin can. They announced a new technology called Nano Bass Exciter, which uses nanotechnology to create speakers that have the "highest level of rich low-range sounds" and just sound better and louder, according to them. How much louder?Twice the volume without the distortion. They use a carbon material with nanometer-sized pores within the loudspeaker cabinet. The pores regulate the level of air molecules in the speaker by absorbing them, reducing the pressure inside the loudspeaker and the vibration. This allows "twice as much volume of low-range sounds as Panasonic's conventional speakers, allowing rich sound reproduction with high fidelity."

In other words, a stronger, richer bass without the rattle, so we can listen to Funkadelic in our notebook without making it sound like A-Ha.

Apparently, this carbon material will be used to make not only better small speakers, but also improve larger units. [Press Release via Digital World Tokyo]

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