Outhouse Nightlight for Hicks and Simpletons of All Stripes

outhouse-nightlight.jpgAll you city slickers go on down to the next post, but fellow hillbillies, here's a nightlight that will make us feel right at home. Reminding you that indoor plumbing is still a luxury for some mountain-dwelling folk, this outhouse nightlight will illuminate your path, no matter how much moonshine you've been quaffing.

Like most nightlights, this one has a swivel base, but it's not just made of some cheap plastic—it's crafted out of fine ceramic and uses a seven-watt bulb. Best of all, it's priced about the same as the jar of decent popskull, $13. Yeah, we know about stuff like that. After all, not all your humble Gizmodian narrators are fancy-schmancy New York dwellers, that's for sure. [Uberreview]

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