Olympus Stylus 790SW Adds Tech, Keeps Toughness, Lowers Price

Stylus790sw_front.jpgOlympus is talking tough about its latest waterproof and freeze-proof Stylus 790SW camera, the successor to that Stylus 770SW we saw frozen in a block of ice. Carrying on that everything-proof tradition, this one still can brave freezing, dust, shock and water, but adds intriguing new tech under the hood at the same time.


As is the case across the point-and-shoot camera landscape, this tough little Stylus 790W adds face detection technology, automatically adjusting focus and exposure for those lovely mugs you're snapping so many pictures of. Olympus has also made its imaging system a little more intelligent, keeping the 7.1 megapixels but adding a TruePic III image processor to reduce that pesky graininess. It's also smart enough to compensate for seriously backlit situations, taking out some of the contrast when shadow areas look way too dark. Neat. Stylus790sw_inside.jpg It keeps a lot of the other features of its predecessor, such as that 3x optical zoom lens with digital image stabilization and the 2.5-inch LCD that we liked so much when we saw it in Vegas. For the frivolous, Olympus now makes this slim babe in pretty (and some not-so-pretty) colors, too, as you can see in the images in the gallery.

And then the best news we saved for last: After all that new coolness, when the 790SW ships in September it'll be cheaper than its predecessor, just $299.99 compared to the retail price of $380 for the old Stylus 770SW. Not quite the level being disposable yet, but a great price break nonetheless.

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