Olinari Silver USB Dog Tags, Designed by Mysterious, Shadowy Figure

olinari_usb.jpgAs USB drives become even more commoditized, now they're turned into scary looking jewelry in the form of these Olinari sterling silver dog tags. Choose from the fleur-de-lis style you see here or a few others you can see in the gallery, some of which make you look like you've been tapped into the Knights of the Round Table. Inside the pendant, there's a little secret.


The bottom opens up to reveal a tiny 2GB Sony Micro Vault USB drive. Available this Fall, each dog tag includes that 2GB USB drive, with pricing starting at $349.

There's nice detail built into these spooky-looking pendants, designed by a guy the company describes as "an elusive phone customizer who's known on various Internet forums by the alias of Loriolus." That adds a aura of mystery, making these exotic pieces even more appealing. [Olinari]

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