Numark's iDJ2 Lets You Mix Tracks from the Same iPod

idj2_angle_lg.jpgNumark's iDJ2, a mixing table that allows you to mix up tracks from the same iPod is to be launched next month. We touched on the prototype earlier this year, which got a thumbs-up-with-reservations from DJ Scott Paradis, but this is the final version. Key features, and price, below.Large backlit, display with revolutionary user interface Key lock support for maintaining key while tempo shifting Integrated iPod slot with adjustable mount Seamless looping, pitch control, scratching capability via jog wheels Visual Track Profiles to skip through phrases Facilitates mixing with three or more USB Hard Drives or Apple iPods with USB hub USB ports to plug in iPods, thumb drives and hard drives Play music off two iPods simultaneously, including two songs off same iPod Formats supported: MP3, WAV and AAC (unprotected) Pitch control with range up to +25% and down to 100% Beatkeeperâ„¢ technology with TAP override function Search ability via two large jog wheels USB Keyboard support 3-band EQ with gain control on both channels Dedicated microphone input with tone and level control Phono/line inputs on both channels for adding additional devices

Expect to pay around $600 for this when it's out next month. It remains for Scott (he posts comments here under the name Diggabyte) to tell us whether Numark's tweaks make it worth forking out for. [Numark via iLounge]

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