Norcool Fridge Hides Food in Cold Drawers

drawerfridgetop3.jpgThis Norcool fridge does away with the traditional idea of the singular, monolithic fridge, instead tucking your cold food away in drawers. And it's not a concept. Norcool's production Drawer Fridge system is not only real, but it could be extremely efficient, too. Top loading fridges and freezers, as Treehugger notes, don't spill cold as like front door traditional models do.

(Good theory, but the floors of each compartment are open, so it'll spill it's coolness every time you crack the fridge.) Another efficiency factor here: smaller compartments mean isolated exposure to warm air when you're digging for an ice cream sandwich in one place and leaving the rest of the compartments closed. But micro containers could be a tough call when, say, storing a 15-pound Turkey. Neat, but maybe just too weird to install at home. [Norcool via Treehugger]

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