Nokia's Future iPhone Killing Concept Like a Fake Picasso

nokia-iphone-killer.jpgNokia presented some cool mobiles today and also slipped this concept video of a future iPhone-clone. One thing was confirmed to me by Nokia: This demo is strictly for the UI, not the device, which is built on a Symbian 60 OS base that still retains its standard UI. The hardware is not even real. The LCD's images are overlayed on the hardware so we're not even talking working proto. And even if it was real, I'd assume they'd run into legal trouble for infringing on Apple US Patent #12341235ASDF for "Mind Bendingly Cool Phone" and other assorted UI methods. But you should see it for yourself in the video:

Here's the quote:

This was a video showing the User Interface, not the form factor, on a concept device.

Nokia confirmed that in their efforts to maintain leadership in simple and easy user interfaces, they will incorporate touch screen UI into their S60 portfolio in 2008. This proves the scalability of the S60 platform as Nokia also showed how the new UI would look with a standard screen (ie: not touch screen).

I mention that the video presented in London also shows the S60 UI with a normal screen in addition to the touch screen version. We were demonstrating that we're looking to incorporate the touch screen but not get rid of our traditional UI and give consumers the choice of which they would like on S60 devices.

I do know that this product is not in production and thus not a working unit.

Quite frankly, it looks to us as a little bit of good old FUD to hold the market while scrambling to match the iPhone. A year is a lot of time to wait for a worthy iPhone killer and we believe that real competition always benefits all of us, the consumers. But come on, couldn't you have done this demo on a piece of hardware not so Apple-like? Where's your pride? [Nok Nok]

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