Nokia Shoots Out Bluetooth Headsets, Bluetooth GPS Modules, Bluetooth Speakers

nokia903.jpg Nokia's really into this new fangled Bluetooth techno-mology, shooting out Bluetooth addons like they shoot out phones—scattershot, hoping they hit something good with at least one. They've got the LD-4W GPS module, BH-903 Stereo Bluetooth Headset with A2DP, BH-0-2 (non-Stereo) Bluetooth headset, MD-7W Bluetooth speakers, and the DC-1 Power Pack. These are all made for standard Nokia phones, save for the headsets, which will probably work with most other Bluetooth devices. The most interesting one is the BH-903, which doesn't just have A2DP, but AVRCP, PBAP, HFP, HSP, and TSFU profiles. [Nokia via All About Symbian]


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