New Sony Bravia X, W and V LCD Avalanche Includes 70" Full HD

bravia-x-series.jpg Sony just opened the new season with an avalanche of HD televisions in Japan. With the KDL-70x7000 as its flagship —a 70" Full HD LCD the size of battleship Yamato— the new army includes 15 Bravia models from the X, W and V series —starting at 40-inch— plus three models of the small new J3000 series, Full line-up after the jump.


The whole line includes 10-bit LCD panels, while the X and W series include Motion Flow for enhancement of fast scenes. The 70-incher also has RGB LED backlighting, which further increases color gamut to 160% over the rest, as well as putting out 550cd/m2 of light with a 1,500:1 contrast ratio. The smaller J3000 mark at 20, 26 and 30 inches.

Bravia X series

KDL-70X7000 70 inches 1,920×1,080 pixels 4,000,000 Yen KDL-52X5050 52 inches 600,000 Yen KDL-46X5050 46 inches 500,000 Yen KDL-40X5050 40 inches 380,000 Yen KDL-52X5000 52 inches 580,000 Yen KDL-46X5000 46 inches 480,000 Yen KDL-40X5000 40 inches 360,000 Yen

Bravia W series

KDL-52W5000 52 inches 550,000 Yen KDL-46W5000 46 inches 450,000 Yen KDL-40W5000 40 inches 330,000 Yen

Bravia V series

KDL-52V5000 52 inches 510,000 Yen KDL-46V5000 46 inches 410,000 Yen KDL-40V5000 40 inches 290,000 Yen KDL-46V3000 46 inches 400,000 Yen KDL-40V3000 40 inches 270,000 Yen

[Impress and Akihabara]

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