New Documentary On The History Of Vibrator Technology

WhiteCross4.jpgTwo filmmakers spent 7 years and $150,000 of their own money to make a documentary about the history of vibrators, called Passion and Power. The doc delves deep into the past, starting with the first steam-powered devices in the 1860s and early electrified vibes in the 1900s (see pic). Passion and Power debuted at New York's Lincoln Center to a sold-out crowd which gave it a standing ovation, and shows at the Mill Valley Film Festival in the Bay Area next month. Based in part on the award-winning book The Technology of Orgasm by history of tech professor Rachel Maines, the doc is full of cool stuff, including interviews with ladies arrested for selling vibrators in states like Texas where the little pleasure buzzers are still illegal. Maines aroused public interest in vibrator history after she published an article about it in a 1987 issue of IEEE Technology and Society. In the movie, Maines recounts her battle with the IEEE about publishing the article — apparently the editorial board thought her article on hundred-year-old vibrators was a hoax. Maines says:

They did a full-scale investigation. I had to prove that I existed and I had to give them a Social Security number. My husband called it the attack of the dweebs.

The documentary will be coming soon . . . to a theater near you.

[Passion and Power: The Technology of Orgasm]

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