Nevover 7 Inch PS3 Screen, Nothing To Shout About

ReworkedPS3Screen.jpgOh man, Nintendo better pack up their portable gaming bags. Enter the compact, Nevover 7" TFT LCD for the PS3, set to revolutionise the mobile entertainment industry as we know it.

The screen docks on top of the PS3 and folds completely down for storage, whilst the resolution of 234 x 480 will ensure your eyes bleed out of their sockets after three minutes of playtime (like your sex life - you freaky devil, you). We know what you are thinking though; 'What about the sounds?' Nevover have got you covered; integrated 2 x 1W stereo speakers will have you jiggling your butt to some serious beats. Pricing info is not available as yet, though if they are expecting you to pay for it, it is certainly daylight robbery.

Right about now the CEO at Nevover should be going all Apprentice-esque on his team, saying stuff like, "You're fired!" and "Get the hell out of my office you sad excuse for a development council—the readership at Gizmodo could have come up with a better idea for a product if I tempted them with an iPhone—you jackasses!" Two things are for sure then; heads will role at Nevover R&D unit for commissioning this junk and Flavor Flav will soon have a new accessory to hang around his badass, hip hop neck. [Product Page via Techanabob]

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