Alleged Next-Gen Aluminium iMac Looks Sweet, Blurry and Probably Fake

imac-front.jpgJust minutes after we asked for your ideal next-gen mac, a reader sent us this picture of what it could look like: exactly like the Apple Cinema Displays, but a lot thinner and sleeker. And really blurry. Jump to see its back, even cooler.


In reality, this Photoshop Genius or Really Bad Photographer claims that this is the new iMac, to be presented tomorrow at Apple's Infinite Loop campus. The picture has all the good elements of a good rumor: looks nice, reasonably familiar and absolutely blurry. Like alleged UFO pictures. And like UFO pictures, it's most probably fake, fake, fake. FAKE. And we love it.

We said it before and we will always repeat it: never trust rumours, no matter how cool they look. In the meantime, tell us what you think about it in the comments. [Thank you, mighty Photoshop Genius or Really Bad Photographer]

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