Netflix Download for Macs and TVs Coming in 2008

netflixtivo.jpgSteve, the developer behind Netflix's download service, gives us explanations for Mac, Firefox and TV support, as well as the reason why the Netflix online collection is so tiny. The OS X hold up til 2008 is, of course, the lack of studio-sanctioned DRM, since Apple doesn't license theirs. (Like it matters, since WM11 and Netflix is hacked.)Firefox development is just, um, late. And Movie choice is low because Hollywood is still attached to DVDs. And the TV/livingroom support is coming in 2008. That's supposed to be something already public, but I've never heard of a year attached to such a project. (Enlighten me with a link if you know more, please.) We still want it. This would be AppleTV, in my wildest dreams, since TiVo already hooked up with Amazon Unbox. []

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