Netflix Confirms $15.99 Price Was Test For Select Few

netflix_steve.jpgFollowing up on our story from last week about further Netflix price cuts, again reducing rates for its 3-disc at-a-time plan to $15.99, we've gotten a confirmation from Netflix Director of Corporate Communications Steve Swasey (pictured in the graphic here) about the nature of that $1-lower price. He says it's part of a "price test":

"You're part of a randomly selected group for a price test. We run price tests all the time. Since it's just a test, we don't disclose how many members are in the test, what the test results are or what the outcome may be."

Let's hope I pass the test so everyone else might benefit from this largess. Until then, that $16.99 price everyone else is getting is not such a bad deal for three discs at a time, anyway.

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