NetEnforcers, Your Online Rent-a-Cops

netenforcer.jpgWant to protect your copyrights online? NetEnforcers is offering itself for hire, acting as your personal attack dogs for anyone who wants to swipe your stuff online without your permission. Businesses such as Monster Cable appoint NetEnforcer as their personal bully, and then whenever someone uses that company's images or sells their products without permission, NetEnforcer goons go to the site of the violation and demand that it cease and desist.

Sites like eBay are more than happy to comply with NetEnforcer's demands. The company also goes after counterfeit merchandise, gray market goods, piracy, and any other evil schemes that Corporate America is afraid of but reluctant to enforce with its own personnel.

Of course, NetEnforcers are only upholding the law, so we can't hold them accountable for laws that we may not like. Also, intellectual property rights are important. For example, there are a lot of sites that paste in Gizmodo content verbatim, even with our bylines attached, and then run ads next to it. Are we flattered by that wanton theft? Of course not. Maybe we should get NetEnforcers to help us.

On the other hand, there's something creepy about a self-appointed group of vigilantes who have taken it upon themselves to enforce laws that many of us don't like. A glance at the website shows a tough-looking cop (pictured above) who looks like he might have a billy club just out of sight, ready to bust you upside the head. Is vigilante justice the way to handle copyright law and piracy online? Anybody have any experience with NetEnforcer they'd like to share? [NetEnforcers]

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