More US 3G N95 Details: Bigger, Badder, Blacker

music-sticker.jpgIf Om's solid word wasn't solid enough for you, Symbian-Guru got its hands on an official sales flyer (check it full size, post-jump) for the US 3G N95, which brings a few new (mostly excellent) details about the US version super-phone to light. Topping the list of improvements, the battery's been bumped up from 950 mAh to1200 mAh, so you'll be able to squeeze a bit more playtime out of it.

Scratching out another one of our knocks, they've doubled the RAM to 128MB, which should pump some spring into the sluggish OS. While we're talking memory, they're tossing a 1GB MicroSD in the box.

Finally, they've redesigned the back—it's black, and they've supposedly removed the shutter slider to free up space for the beefier battery. Oh, and sorry jetsetters, apparently they've taken out European 3G support. Still, not a shabby deal at all for us Yanks, who usually get the short end of the sweet cell stick. [Symbian Guru via BGR]


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