Moped Lamps Shed Light, Don't Have Wheels

post92508vespaintro.jpg Sometimes you look across your desk and think, "If I was pimp daddy enough, this expanse would resonate style." Enter the Lamponi lamp collection.


These desk lights are made of genuine, disused (we hope), moped parts. They are designed individually to exact customer requirements. Yes, you guessed it, they are not cheap; prices range from $1772 - $2044. You cannot put a price on high fashion, made of junkyard scraps or not! The fittings are all the real deal, apart from the lamp itself; a road legal light on your bedside table would probably be better at blinding you. Not much use when you need light to read that terrible Dan Brown book all your friends think is so cool.

If you are thinking of whipping your wallet out, do not do it. Instead, take it out in a calm manner and call Mr. Leopardi, tell him you have just taken your wallet out in a cool and collected fashion and would very much wish to purchase one of his splendid lighting products. We offer you this good advice because Mr. Leopardi, who builds these fantastic artworks, does so from scratch. He takes his sweet time too, possibly because they are expertly crafted and they take ages to get down to perfection. Alternatively, it could be because Mr. Leopardi is in fact a big-time gangster and does not like to be rushed. We can deduce this from our astute observations that all gangsters enjoy the finer things in life and have names ending in vowels. Who would have thought the Godfather would have been such a great learning resource? (The last comment was a joke; Mr. Leopardi is not a gangster in any underworld, he is a colloquial gangster because his lamps are so cool he makes other lamp designers look like poo. Lawsuit averted). [Product Page via Shiny Shiny]

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