Monster's New Cables Finally Priced and Mystery "Box" Category Revealed

Monster_Core_Pricing.gif I was wrong. Monster's new low low pricing isn't in the $30 range, like I said earlier. The 500 series I mentioned actually starts at $50 for a 1-meter cable. But it seems Monster left its lowest price level of cable out of the midnight announcement: Simply labeled the "box" level, it starts at $40, the cheapest price you will find for Monster.

Although the information I just received shows all pricing for all of the different categories of Monster cable—a tangled web including core, THX and M-Series—I didn't want to bore you with the whole data dump. What I can tell you is that while there are 14 different grades of cable in all, they range from $40 per meter to $200 per meter.

You read what I said before, that I am certain the lowest priced Monster cable would be fine for any applications I could currently dream up. But I am a little shocked that Monster thinks $40 is the lowest price it can hit, when there's strong competition in the $5-per-meter range. [Monster Price Cut]

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