Monster's iSlim Shuffle Charger Makes Me Bonkers, Literally

monster-islimcharger-usb-ipod-shuffle.jpgOne of the drawbacks of the 2nd gen. iPod Shuffle was that it lacked an integrated docking method. Monster obviously noticed the flaw and released the iSlim Shuffle charger in response. It is impressively small. At $14.95 the price is reasonable. Considering the Shuffle is an absolute minimalist player, spending more to kit it out probably is not the main idea. Still, that has not stopped it being decked out in 18K solid gold in the past.

Like communism, this is a great idea—but like communism it will never work. You will get it and you will be happy at the cute stature of it. Your girlfriend will love it too; it might even stop her thinking about babies for a second, if you are lucky. One day however, you will lose it and you will realise the only reason you lost it is because it is so damn small. You will curse its infernal size. Your girlfriend will recall babies, everyone will stand around stunned that they were duped into thinking they were equal when, in fact, there were loads of people who were more equal than others. The balances will shift, democracy will rightfully rule and some people will get cheap oil. Point is, just get a MP3 player with a screen and an inbuilt docking method if you are that fussed, it will save everyone the hassle. [Slippery Brick] .

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