Mitsubishi LVP-HC6000 1080p Projector, Cheap and Quiet

mit4_04_front.jpgMitsubishi jumped into the circa-$3000 1080p projector game today, rolling out its LVP-HC6000 that adds a couple of tricks to the Epson TW1000 and Panasonic PT-AE100U projectors against which it might compete. Although it has a face only a mother could love, the image it projects on the screen will be probably be a lot prettier than its countenance. Mitsubishi's bragging about some pretty impressive specs, too. This three-chip LCD projector can toss out a contrast ratio of 12,000:1 according to Mitsubishi, using its automatic iris mechanism that dynamically adjusts according to the brightness of the scene. Most intriguing is the quote of 19dB of noise sneaking out of its cleverly named "sirocco fan," and if the company's not fudging on that spec, that would be the quietest projector we've ever heard. Nice.

Mitsubishi is starting a limited run of these babies in Japan in October, and maybe if the reception is good this one might compete against that Panasonic and Epson $3000 1080p projector juggernaut. Available in an either black or white, expect this one to sell for just north of $3K if it ever makes it to these shores. [AV Watch (translation)]

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