Mitsubishi Blu-ray Player to Broadcast 2D Movies in 3D

mitsubishi-3d-blu-ray-player.jpgWe've all watched Fight Club and wished that Brad Pitt's rippling biceps would be a bit more, well, 3D....right? Either way, Mitsubishi is releasing 3D Blu-ray players that will be able to make any 2D movie 3-dimensional. Before you get too excited, just know that you'll still have to be wearing 3D glasses (hip-looking, 80's-styled 3D glasses) to get the full viewing experience.

It's nice that 3D won't just be reserved to an old creepy Michael Jackson space movie but it'll be interesting to see how this thing actually works when it comes out. You guys know you can't really do true 3d without recording video stereoscopically first, right? [SciFi]

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