Microsoft Fanboys Do Stupid Things Too...

windowshouse.jpgThere has been much ado in the last week about how incredibly stupid Apple fanboys are. Eat some humble pie MS lovers, how crazy is this? A Microsoft House!

In contrast, we had the plastic surgeon that operated on his big clunky thumbs so he could use the iPhone with improved accuracy. Then Heather got her knickers in a twist over at Jezebel—apparently, her boyfriend has as good as traded her in for an iPhone. She retorted with the blazing article, "The iPhone Is Cool And All But Can You Stick Your Dick In It?"

Given the size of my penis that may well be possible will be impossible, but I digress. We have dubbed this monstrosity the MS Casa (genius, we know). Chances are this is just a mockup, but we are sure if the cash were available this would be polluting some unfortunate neighbourhood in reality. Thankfully, to have such wealth you must also be well endowed with brains, as exemplified by Kelly Osborne...wait. Regardless, MS fanboys are just as stupid, proven by the fact they exist. Oh Haroon, you didn't? Oh yes I did. Let the bitching commence! [Techeblog]

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