mi VDO FX DV Cam Lets You Film, Edit Self-Made Furry Porn On-The-Go

myvideofx.jpgLooking like something created in a joint venture between Nickelodeon and a mysterious Alien Race, the mi VDO FX DV Cam, made by B2Stuf allows would-be LonelyGirls to take pictures, record video and edit their films on-the-go. The cam includes a 1.5" color screen, a 4x digital zoom, a built-in speaker, an SD slot that is expandable up to 2GB, and 18 built-in special effects.

The quality isn't great — but that really doesn't matter when it comes to YouTube, especially if you've got a kitten laying around, just waiting to do something adorable. The gadget is available for $99 at Target and is particularly great to have whenever an orgy spontaneously occurs. [B2Stuf via ChipChick]

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