Meizu M8 Phone Shipping 8GB First, Gets $70 Price Increase

meizum8details.jpgMeizu's CEO let everyone know (via a forum posting, no less) that their first Meizu M8 MiniOne version will be the 8GB mode, and it will ship at about $400. That's a $70 increase from the previous price data, but is much better than the totally off figures we saw last month. Good news, other models with 3G/3.5G support will come in the second phase of releases. Specs:

• ARM11 667MHz CPU • 128MB DDR SDRAM • GSM + EDGE • Windows CE 6.0 • 3.4-inch display (720x480 resolution) • 1400mAH battery • Wi-Fi • TV Out • USB 2.0 • USB Host mode • H263/264 MPEG2 MPEG4 WMV RM RMVB code support

[Meizu via Meizume]

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