MAME Emulator Developed for the iPhone

btime-iphone.pngI'm not really sure how well Pac-Man could be controlled on a touchscreen, but adventurous iPhone owners will now get a chance to find out. That's because a MAME emulator has been made for the iPhone by a gent by the name of kaisersoze, allowing you to play such classics as BurgerTime and Q*Bert on your shiny status symbol. Like the NES emulator that came before it, however, performance isn't quite up to snuff.

As expected, performance is an issue. For example, Pac-Man and Q*bert run quite well, but Galaga and Gyruss are marginal even with frame skipping and lowered sound quality. The SDL port was the quickest way to get everything up and running without having to delve into the guts of MAME. I'll take a stab at slapping together something based on a really old, simpler version of MAME to see if it runs any better.

So it's not perfect, but it's a start. Hopefully soon enough someone will figure out a way to make these free games turn your iPhone into the most expensive and difficult to control gaming portable on the market. [iPhone-SDL-MAME]

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